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skin lab – a new frontier in skin analysis

Take your skincare or aesthetics business to the next level with cutting-edge skin analysis and diagnostic technology.

SKIN LAB’s simple yet powerful data generation will enhance professionalism and streamline the consultation process – allowing fast and accurate identification of skin/hair issues.

Easily understood visual and numerical data enables providers to tailor advice and to establish effective skincare plans. Repeating consultations at regular intervals allows client reassurance and objective monitoring of treatment progress.

Exclusive features such as rapid analysis, consultation pre-sets and direct-to-client skin and hair reports make SKIN LAB a powerful support system for any skincare provider.

  • Impressive High Definition HDMI 10.1 inch touch screen with full viewing angle display
  • Sleek, compact, stand-alone design
  • Rapid readings of skin conditions and visual imaging in a single device
  • All-in-one interface: all customer reports and files are stored on device
  • Instant digital reports delivered to smartphone, tablet (iOS and Android) or email
  • High resolution camera for compelling visual data
  • 100% wireless, rapid-recharge skin probes
  • Front-facing camera with ‘selfie’ view feature for personalised care and client engagement
  • Iconic minimalist design with easy-to-use functions and features

rapid probe testing: cutting-edge, multiple-factor skin analysis

SKIN LAB can effectively address all client skincare concerns via rapid probe testing.

SKIN LAB smart probes and strips deliver real-time measurements of 5 key skin factors – to identify underlying causes of common skin concerns. Probes and strips are pressed onto the skin to simply and rapidly identify levels of:


Hydration is key to maintaining skin health and appearance. It is the prime factor underpinning resilience and youthfulness and the best defence against harmful toxins. Hydration can be confusing and mistakes are often made in regard to product choice, with inappropriate creams leading to further dehydration. By assigning a hydration score to a client’s skin, skin type can be accurately identified and suitable products advised – especially as seasons change. SKIN LAB’s rapid testing probe assesses moisture accumulation and assigns a score on that basis – elucidating the nature of skin dryness and helping to combat it more effectively.



Elasticity is a scientific means of measuring the plumpness or firmness of skin and the surrounding tissue. In youth skin is firm and supple due to high collagen and elastin levels. While collagen plays a structural role, elastin is the ‘bounce’ that begins to lessen with age. Elastin decline can be slowed by eliminating smoking and sun exposure. Increasingly, diet is found to play a protective role, particularly foods rich in vitamin A and betacarotene. While research continues into prolonging skin resilience, measuring elasticity paints a clear picture of the skin’s condition in relation to age. SKIN LAB is able to quantify this key factor by measuring the structure and the ‘give’ of a client’s skin, assigning it an elasticity score – and comparing scores over time.


Melanin refers to the level and regularity of pigmentation in the skin. Hyper-pigmentation, including melasma and chloasma, often requires targeted treatment when  traditional skin lightening techniques fail. With SKIN LAB technology the effectiveness of  pigmentation treatment can be accurately gauged by measuring minute changes in skin colour – both the melanin and the skin’s redness, or ‘erythema’ – at high magnifications. SKIN LAB’s skin colour facility is also instrumental in mole checking – and can quantify a client’s ‘tan’ level prior to commencing laser hair removal.



Sebum is nature’s rejuvenating mechanism – but it often works overtime, leaving skin oily. Sebaceous glands are triggered into producing sebum, a natural lubricant and water protectant, by the hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone), a metabolite of testosterone. DHT imbalances are common and can lead to an oversupply of sebum and in turn to inflammation and acne. Attempts to deal with high sebum levels often strip the skin of natural oils and paradoxically stimulate further production. By measuring and tracking sebum production with SKIN LAB, the progress of acne treatments can be monitored and appropriate, non-irritating products and treatments advised.


Skin pH is about maintaining balance. ‘pH’ or ‘potential hydrogen’ is a way of measuring the element’s activity in a substance or area. A pH scale ranges from 1 to 14, with lower scores being acidic and higher scores basic, or alkaline. 7 is neutral. Ideal skin pH for women is thought to be between 4.5 and 5.5 depending on skin type, although a pH reading is not static. Diet, lifestyle and skincare products continually shift the pH balance – making an informed understanding essential to maintaining a healthy skin microbiome and barrier function. SKIN LAB enables providers to take an accurate snapshot of a client’s skin pH, to identify potential underlying issues – and to compare results over time as the skin responds to treatments and/or product recommendations.


compelling visuals: high definition camera imaging

SKIN LAB’s High Definition camera imaging reveals the true appearance of skin and hair, allowing clients a better understanding of skin/hair issues – and enabling providers to make informed recommendations on the following:

  • Wrinkles
  • Pore size
  • Skin texture
  • Pigmentation
  • Skin redness (erythema)
  • Keratin
  • Hair structure
  • Hair density
  • Hair diameter
  • Dandruff


SKIN LAB consultations are fully guided assessment sessions. They are user-friendly and straightforward for the provider – and visually appealing for the client. SKIN LAB skin probes and camera imaging deliver unprecedented skin and hair analysis:


Check Up

The ideal ‘first-time’ consultation, for clients unfamiliar with skin analysis. Measures key skin factors such as hydration, sebum, elasticity and pH levels. Identifies a client’s key concerns and creates a data point for future comparison.

Check Up Pro

A lengthier consultation which combines the assessment described above with comprehensive High Definition visual imaging of skin and/or hair with the SKIN LAB camera.


A diagnostic consultation which classifies a client’s skin on the basis of its response to UVR (ultraviolet radiation) exposure.

Age Perfect

A consultation which quantifies and measures the factors that combine to result in skin ageing. Pigmentation uniformity, elasticity, sebum and hydration levels are investigated, enabling a personalised and targeted treatment plan to be devised.

Age Perfect Pro

A more intensive consultation than above, combining the 4 factor analysis with a skin pH assessment and comprehensive High Definition visual imaging of skin with the SKIN LAB camera.

Sun Protection

An issue-specific consultation designed to inform clients of their individual sun protection needs and their best options for treating existent sun damage. A client’s phototype will be determined.


A signature consultation developed for clients with problematic, blemish-prone skin. Multi-factor skin assessment will identify any imbalance and provide an informed starting point for further treatment. Ideal for younger clients.


A signature consultation developed for clients with highly sensitive skin. Multi-factor skin assessment will identify any imbalance and provide an informed starting point for further treatment. A diagnostic consultation that can demystify long term skin sensitivity.


A signature consultation developed for clients seeking brighter, glowing skin. By assessing skin texture, hydration and pigmentation uniformity providers can identify effective treatment/product options for fast improvement.


Scalp Focus

A thorough assessment that will identify issues of the scalp skin and the hair follicle. The first step in addressing scalp and hair conditions such as dandruff, psoriasis, folliculitis, hair thinning and more.


Décolleté Expert

A targeted and unique consultation which measures the extent of skin ageing and skin tone loss in the décolleté and neck. Assessing the skin via multi-factor testing can elucidate the best anti-ageing treatment options.


Hands Beauty

A targeted and unique consultation which measures the extent of skin ageing in the delicate and sensitive skin of the hands. Assessing the skin via multi-factor testing can elucidate the best anti-ageing treatment options.

create your own consultation

SKIN LAB has recently developed a DIY feature enabling skincare providers to create unique consultations for the skin, hair and body. Consultations can be issue-specific, can be adjusted to meet a client’s specific needs – and streamlined to incorporate treatments and products on offer.


A full skin/hair report is generated after testing, delivered direct to the client’s smartphone, tablet or email

1. Generate results

Easy to understand data readings replace subjective interpretations

2. Professional advice

Skin assessment is accompanied by professional recommendations

3. Treatments and/or products 

Appropriate skin treatments are undertaken and/or products introduced based on results delivered

4. Track and monitor progress over time

Further skin assessments at regular intervals, comparing images and data over time, can track and monitor treatment effectiveness