The powerful new must-have for high-end skincare providers

The groundbreaking Skin Lab FX Skin Analysis System has been specifically designed to enhance the professionalism of skincare and aesthetics businesses. Skin Lab FX includes an extensive menu of diagnostic and analytical features, enabling providers to offer rapid skin and hair analysis

Various consultation options focus on different areas of the skin, hair and body - allowing skincare providers to tracki client data over time. Personalised results and treatment plans are delivered to the client direct from the Skin Lab FX device - via smartphone, tablet or email. Skin Lab FX is innovative yet user-friendly - and a powerful addition to any skincare oriented operation.

Sleek, compact, stand-alone design

High-resolution camera - Sharp and compelling imaging of skin texture, wrinkles, pigmentation, pores and redness - plus hair structure, diameter, density and dandruff

Completely wireless, rapid recharge probes

Impressive High Definition 10.1 inch touch screen with full viewing angle display

Instant digital reports - Skin analysis delivered direct from device to smartphone

100% wireless, rapid-recharge probes - Skin pH, sebum, elasticity, hydration, melanin and more measured in real-time

skin lab fx offers complete hair, skin and body analysis

Cutting-edge & multiple-factor:

rapid test probes

The smart probes deliver real-time measurement of the skin to identify key skin care concerns. Simply press on the skin and view the results of:

  • Hydration
  • Elasticity
  • Melanin
  • Sebum
  • pH


High Definition camera imaging reveals the true appearance of skin and hair, allowing clients a better understanding of skin/hair issues - and enabling providers to make informed recommendations on the following:

  • Pigmentation
  • Pore Size
  • Wrinkles
  • Skin Texture
  • Skin Redness
  • Keratin
  • Hair Diameter
  • Hair Structure
  • Hair Density
  • Dandruff

Visual imaging with camera – examples



hair structure


The consultations are very user-friendly, fully guided assessments, using the probes only and/or visual imaging with the camera, which deliver unparalleled skin analysis of different areas of the body.

Consultations include:


Check Up

Developed to identify and assess key concerns of the skin including pH, hydration, sebum and elasticity levels. A must for first-time analysis of the skin.

Check Up Pro

As above. Also includes HD visual imaging of skin with a camera.


Classifies skin type in terms of response to ultraviolet radiation (UVR) exposure.

Age Perfect

Identify key signs of skin ageing, including elasticity, sebum, melanin uniformity and hydration levels supporting you to deliver the care requires

Age Perfect Pro

As above. Also includes pH and HD visual imaging of skin with a camera.

Sun Protection

Developed to advise the sun protection for each skin type exclusively based on the phototype and the conditions of exposure.


For blemished and impure skin which often has an unbalanced oil and moisture mantle leading to sensitive skin.


This skin check assesses parameters essential to understanding skin sensitivity and what to do about it.


Looking to achieve glowing, brighter and even skin? This consultation assesses several parameters including hydration, melanin uniformity, skin texture and level of dead skin cells.


Scalp Focus

Great hair starts from a healthy scalp. This is a thorough condition of scalp assessment on which to base your recommendations.


Décolleté Expert

A unique consultation assesses the skin of the delicate area of the décolletage subject to ageing and loss of tone.


Hands Beauty

Hands show the first signs of ageing and are subject to a tough time. This consultation focuses on skin ageing and sensitivity.

exclusive "create your own consultation" feature

Develop unique consultations for the complexion, hair or body with the SkinLab FX based on your client skin care requirements and treatments and products on offer.


Full report delivered to a smartphone, tablet
(iOS or Android) or via email from device.


Easy to understand data readings replace subjective interpretations


Skin assessment is accompanied by professional recommendations


Appropriate skin treatments are undertaken and/or products introduced based on results delivered

Your Clinic with Advanced Skin Analysis Equipment from Templar Skin Systems

For clinics and aesthetic centers in the UK, having cutting-edge skin analysis equipment is crucial to providing top-notch services. Templar Skin Systems offers a range of advanced skin analysis tools designed to deliver comprehensive assessments and personalized treatment plans.

Why Choose Templar Skin Systems?

Skin Lab FX System: Our flagship product, the Skin Lab FX, utilizes advanced diagnostic tools to provide real-time measurements and high-definition imaging for an in-depth understanding of skin health. It's perfect for clinics looking to offer precise and personalized skin care.

Diverse Equipment Range: In addition to the Skin Lab FX, we offer a variety of skin analysis devices, each tailored to different aspects of skin health, including hydration, elasticity, and pigmentation. Our equipment supports multiple consultations and provides instant digital reports accessible on smartphones or tablets.

Advanced Technology: Our systems feature wireless probes and high-resolution cameras, ensuring precise and reliable results. The advanced technology guarantees a comprehensive analysis, allowing clinics to address a wide range of skin concerns effectively.

Comprehensive Support: Templar Skin Systems provides full support for our equipment, including training and maintenance, ensuring that your clinic can maximize the benefits of our advanced technology.

Benefits for Your Clinic

Enhanced Client Satisfaction: Offer your clients the best in skin analysis with accurate, detailed assessments.
Increased Revenue: Attract more clients with advanced services that deliver personalized treatment plans.
Professional Reputation: Establish your clinic as a leader in advanced skin care technology.

Explore Our Product Range
At Templar Skin Systems, we are dedicated to providing top-of-the-line skin analysis equipment to clinics across London, the UK, and beyond. Our innovative products are designed to help you offer the best in skin care, ensuring client satisfaction and professional growth.

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