Skin Lab AI

What is Skin Lab AI?

The Skin Lab AI Skin Tester captures images of facial skin via industrial-grade, high definition technology – and 8 different light sources: white light, Wood’s light, blue light, red light, positive & negative polarised lights, UV light and brown light.

Skin Lab AI integrates spectral imaging technology, AI face recognition, deep learning, 3D skin simulation and cloud computing/storage to deliver quantitative analyses of the pathological features of skin – at all dermal levels.

With the capacity to detect 14 different indicators or skin health, Skin Lab AI is an immensely powerful in-clinic diagnostic tool for the scientific assessment and management of skin.

What does Skin Lab AI do?

The Skin Lab AI Skin Tester gives you unprecedented insight into skin health & condition:

  • Identify skin conditions
  • Recommend products
  • Recommend treatments
  • Track treatment progress
  • Give clients answers

File Management

  • Store client files instantly & securely
  • Unlimited client file storage
  • Easily track & retrieve client info

The newest frontier in skin analysis & diagnostics

Simple & Secure Log-in

  • Easy single & multiple account management
  • Multiple languages available

Intelligent Skin Analysis

  • Exploit cutting edge AI & deep learning technology
  • Use cloud computing to generate quantitative analysis of 14 skin indicators
  • Generate comprehensive skin reports, including data-supported skin predictions

Comparative Analysis

  • Offer before & after skin image comparisons
  • Smart contrast functionality enables analysis of comparative data

Products & Treatments Recommended

  • AI generated product/treatment recommendations
  • Recommendations available per skin indicator or in combination

How does Skin Lab AI work?

Innovative global light technology (8-spectrum) means no facial skin area is left un-analysed.

Capture, store & compute images with one click.

The algorithm divides results across 5 grades. The higher the grade, the more serious the skin issue

  • Light-1
  • Light to Moderate-2
  • Moderate-3
  • Severe-4
  • Serious-5

What are AI Skin Diagnostics?

The Skin Lab AI reveals 14 key skin health indicators.

8-spectrum technology enables superficial, shallow & deep skin imaging.

Sebum Imaging / Superficial / Sunlight

The distribution of excess sebum can be clearly observed when in ‘Sunlight’ mode.

Pore Size Imaging / Superficial / Polarised

Polarised light technology filters refracted light, clearly revealing the distribution & size of pores on the skin surface

Spot Lesion Imaging / Shallow / Polarised

Refracted light, filtered by polarised light technology, clearly reveals lesions in various types/manifestations: dark brown, yellow brown, light brown, light yellow & dark red.

Wrinkle Imaging / Superficial / Polarised

The integrity of the of the skin surface can be clearly observed in ‘Polarised’ mode. Skin clarity, smoothness, fine lines & wrinkles are easy isolated, measured & quantified.

Acne Imaging / Superficial / Polarised

The extent and type of acne under the skin surface is clearly visible in ‘Polarised’ mode.

Blackhead Imaging / Superficial / Polarised

The extent and distribution of blackheads can be clearly observed in ‘Polarised’ mode.

Dark Circle Imaging / Superficial / Polarised

The extent of blood vessel tissue beneath the skin is clearly visible in ‘Polarised’ mode – revealing the specific conditions pertaining to under-eye circles.

Skin Tone Imaging / Superficial / Sunlight

Skin tone imaging in ‘Sunlight’ mode can serve as a baseline for comparative analysis of skin in other modes – i.e. what is and is not visible to the naked eye.

Sensitivity Imaging / Deep / Polarised

In ‘Polarised’ mode it is possible to view blood vessel networks and to examine the associated ‘pigmentation’ in detail.

UV Spot Imaging / Deep / UV Mode

‘UV’ mode enables analysis of the deeper layers of the skin, and the melanin that has accumulated in response to ultraviolet rays. The shape, size & clinical severity of damage areas can be assessed for further treatment.

Pigment Imaging / Deep / Brown Mode

‘Brown’ light mode enables detailed assessment of more intense melanin ‘spots’ – such as freckles, moles, chloasma & more.

Acne UV Imaging / Deep / UV Mode

View live skin flora in ‘UV’ mode – such as P. acnes. Skin flora absorbs ultraviolet light and generates a fluorescence which can be used to gauge imbalances.

Collagen Imaging / Deep / UV Mode

‘UV’ mode reveals the extent of collagen and elastin within the skin – enabling smart, targeted anti-ageing skincare and predictions as to future depletion. Analysis can be made of the surface and of the deeper skin layers.

3D Simulation Mode

Skin texture is amplified and observed in 3D stereoscopic, enabling a more comprehensive assessment.

Skin Ageing Prediction Mode

Use this functionality to assess clinical images and arrive at a visual ‘ageing prediction’ – after 5 years & 10 years.

Ai smart Imager

  • 21.5 Inch Display
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Visually Compelling
  • Intuitive & Innovative


  • Speed-mapping camera capacity
  • Global 8-spectrum light technology
  • Unparalleled clarity


  • 2K HD digital display
  • Free movement for maximum ease & flexibility

fan shading

  • Innovative shade design blocks all external light
  • Increased image consistency
  • Reduced analysis error


  • 3.0 pure copper transition line
  • Unrivalled quality & speed of information transmission


  • Michelin House 81 Fulham Rd London SW3 6RD